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Sugar and spice and Hello Kitty and Barbies and Lee Middleton dolls…that’s what little girls dream of… The Tiny Kingdom promises to make those dreams reality with an amazing selection of dolls, doll clothes, art & crafts, room décor, candy and so much more. From preschoolers to preteens, every girl will love A Tiny Kingdom. Whether it’s for a special celebration in costume or an impromptu after school adventure, she will feel like a princess.    Snakes and snails and Star Wars and Fat Heads and video games...that's what little boys dream of...Let his imagination be his guide at The Tiny Kingdom where he can play until his hearts' content. With a wide selection of all of the latest and greatest toys and collectibles, he may just gain a new appreciation for shopping.





2834 Culver Road Mountain Brook, AL 35223 205-802-TINY